Tuesday Who Day: Meet Mona

Today we meet another important character from HEAVENLY MOVES:  Mona M. Murdock! She's been best friends with Hev since the Murdocks moved next door to the Wilcoxes when both girls were seven. Mona is an aspiring rock star with her band, Bertha's Attic. She's a college drop out who lives with her younger sister Margo in their apartment by the Bowl-O-Rama. Mona is fiery, intense, focused, talented - but not so much on the tall.

"She was just as pale-skinned as Margo, and with the same piercing blue eyes, but with dark brown hair instead of red. She hated being called 'petite' and 'elfin,' but the girl was just small. People always expected Mona to be demure, like it was a rule that short people were more polite. Mona was definitely not polite or demure. Try rude, brash, extroverted, usually loud and always opinionated. Mona's world was black and white and she had no patience for anyone dumb enough to think there might be a gray area."

If Mona had a coat of arms, it might look something like this:

© Amy Briant 2013


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