Sunday, January 29, 2012

ROMEO FAILS book trailer!

How do you capture an entire novel in a one-minute book trailer? Throw in some Midwestern ambience (relaxing stroll in the wheat field, anyone? ANYONE?), a quick description of the conflict at the core of the story and a few intriguing hints. Plus some percussion in the music track that evokes the locusts and crickets of a warm night in the heartland... Yeah, that's it!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Word Count Wednesday!

Untitled Post-Apocalyptic YA Novel
Goal: 60,000 words (at least)

04-01-11: 0
04-27-11: 2774
05-04-11: 5528
05-11-11: 7757
05-18-11: 10020
05-25-11: 10560
06-01-11: 12107
06-07-11: 15082
06-15-11: 18120
06-22-11: 20762
06-29-11: 22677
07-06-11: 26073
07-13-11: 26748
07-20-11: uh...
07-27-11: 29196
08-03-11: 34137
08-11-11: 35239
08-18-11: 38805
08-24-11: whoops...
08-31-11: 40495
09-07-11: 42129
09-14-11: 44136
09-21-11: 46325
09-28-11: 47647
...time passed...
12-14-11: 60283
12-28-11: 63009
01-04-12: dang it
01-11-12: 71531 (whoa!)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Quote-O-Rama!

"Your taillights fade as you pull me away to the end of my wits."

Edna Scafe

Monday, January 2, 2012


When I look up ROMEO FAILS on Amazon (because I have a lot of free time), I see (among other things) a list of links on the left side of the screen.

Since mine is the only book with the title ROMEO FAILS, you might think all those links pertain to my book. Uh... no. (Children's Books (1)???) I suppose some of the links are more easily explained than others.

Literature & Fiction (33) - yes! After rewriting this work of fiction 32 times, it must be literature by now! That's the rule. I'm pretty sure.

Gay & Lesbian (2) - duh!

Science & Math (1) - well, not really, but one character is the high school math teacher.

Humor & Entertainment (14) - but of course! There's at least 14 funny words in ROMEO FAILS, like goo, Schwinn, gargoyle, warthog, naked, possum, fertilizer, lumberjack, Mrs. Potato Head... Hmmm, maybe I'm giving you the wrong idea about this book.

The right idea would be this is a story completely unlike SHADOW POINT. No ghosts! No lighthouses! No English bulldogs! (one cranky Midwestern beagle, though) Although I do not consider myself a romance writer, ROMEO FAILS is probably as close as I'll ever get to writing a traditional love story. It is very much about emotions... and commitments... and how difficult it is to be the outsider.

I hope you'll like it!

And those Amazon links did at least give me an idea for a t-shirt:

Writing Is Fun

A typical day in this writer's life - to wake up on Monday and realize that the 1,323 words written on Sunday ALL NEED TO BE DELETED!!!


Well, maybe I'll keep the last bit:

"Don't worry," Nancy said with a laugh. "You'll be fine, I promise."

Great, a promise from a strange woman I'd met at gunpoint just a few hours earlier who had taken away all our possessions. I felt better already.