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I previously blogged about nanowrimo and how much I love their crazy idea of writing a 50,000 word first draft of a novel in a month.I still haven't participated in this annual event and likely never will.But I did try my own modest version of it not too long ago when I wrote either a very long short story or a shortish novella.I'm not the fastest writer, so I wanted to try pushing myself out of my slowpoke comfort zone and see what would happen when I set a daily goal of 1,000 words.Come hell or high water, a thousand words per day!Gibberish welcome.

The nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month for the uninitiated) daily goal is closer to 1,700 words, but I knew that was simply not going to happen.
I feel the need to defend my typing speed here - I'm an extremely fast and accurate typist.(over 100 wpm)So, that's not the issue.It's the painful and yet delightful process of squeezing the exact perfect word out of my cerebellum that takes the time.And then rewriting it.

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