Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Web Sense Is Tingling

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Are you FOLLOWING this blog?! Then you are THE ONE, Neo!

And you may have noticed a flurry of posting about things I've already posted about, some from quite awhile back. It's all about using the blog as a convenient cyber spot to stash content for the website.

The newly revamped website:!           ta duh

If you didn't understand that computer stuff, then you are clearly NOT The One and I must ask you to step away from Trinity because, dude, you are blocking my view.
"I believe I asked you not to put this in the dryer."

I will now re-post the HEAVENLY MOVES book trailer because that's truly the most recent post and the one I want folks to see.



It's the summer of 1982. College dropout Heavenly Wilcox is thrilled with her new apartment in the Northern California beach town of San Tomas--even with the trombone-playing lesbian downstairs and the surly ex-cop next door. Heavenly (“Hev” to her friends) has a good job at the county Public Defender's office, a best friend in aspiring rock star Mona Murdock, and maybe even a new boyfriend on the horizon, one whose ambitions are exceeded only by his tattoos. So why does she keep thinking about that girl downstairs?

Also fascinating to Hev is the intriguing mail that continues to be delivered for the previous tenant of her new apartment, a man who mysteriously disappeared a few months back. A few harmless questions and one clearly inappropriate use of the county's computer system later, she finds herself at the center of a dangerous and tangled web of murder, missing persons, rock 'n' roll and sex with all the wrong people.

With each new twist and turn, Hev finds it hard to say who's the villain and who's the victim. And it's even harder for her to admit that she is not who she thought she was. The only thing she knows for sure is:  if she can't figure out what's going on, the next victim might just be her!

a novel by
Amy Briant


The worst thing that could happen changes every day.

For Madison McPeake - young, beautiful, gay, acerbically witty, and with just a wee drinking problem - getting "not totally fired" from her job as a corporate trainer and being ordered to take three weeks off starting immediately seems like the worst thing that could happen.

Then the phone rings.

Her estranged brother has been found dead by the tide pools at a top secret Navy lab on Shadow Point, a rugged and remote San Diego peninsula. Madison has no choice but to go there and take custody of five year old Katie, the niece she's never met. But even her complete lack of parenting skills is not the worst of Madison's new troubles.

First, there's the malevolent phantom from Shadow Point's disturbing past haunting her isolated beach cabin.

Second, her dead brother's ties to the menacing Church of the Benevolent Fount, who have their own ideas about who should raise Katie.

Last, but far from least, is the alluring marine biologist with the Texas twang in the cabin across the way - whose side is she on?

And Mad thought her inner demons were bad - what a week to stop smoking and drinking!  Because Shadow Point is about to become a battleground for the possession of little Katie's soul. Good thing Madison has all that time off...

a novel by
Amy Briant


Dorsey Larue feels trapped.

Trapped in her tiny, dead end, Midwestern hometown of Romeo Falls.

Trapped in her job, where she's a reluctant employee of the family business, Larue's Swingtime Hardware.

She'd much rather be doing freelance carpentry work or pursuing her hobby of “re-imagining” vintage furniture. She’d much rather be looking for love, but the small town, small minds and slim pickings in Romeo Falls have made her one lonely lesbian.

Then her best friend Maggie’s cousin comes to visit. Rumors are swirling about Sarah, and what may or may not have happened in the big city she left behind. Where others see a scandal, Dorsey sees only a quietly pretty girl with an intelligent gleam in her eye - maybe the girl she’s been waiting for all these years.

But is their summer romance ill-fated, when BFF Maggie forbids it, and the homophobic local citizenry suspect Sarah is behind the escalating series of malicious crimes plaguing the community? Dorsey may have found the love of her life - or her fragile heart may be ensnared in the cruelest trap of all.

A lonely heart.

A red Volkswagen Bug.

And a love affair that is anything but simple.

a novel by
Amy Briant

HEAVENLY MOVES Book Club Questions


 WARNING:  Don't proceed unless
you've already read HEAVENLY MOVES.

And now for some book club questions!

1)  There are lots of different characters to love (or not) in this book. Who was your favorite character and why?  Least favorite and why?
2)  The 80s were awesome! What was your favorite bit of 80s pop culture in HEAVENLY MOVES?
3)  Hev suggests that maybe there's a villain in each of us, just awaiting the opportunity to get out.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?
4)  Who do you think was the bigger villain - Jackson Miller or Werner?  Why?
5)  Although San Tomas prides itself on its liberal (not to mention quirky!) reputation, Hev encounters more than a little homophobia throughout the story. Which of those incidents had the most resonance for you? Which do you think was the toughest for Hev?
6)  There are many obstacles along the way in Hev's journey to self-awareness and self-acceptance - name one and discuss.
7)  At the end of the novel, Hev has not come out to her friends or family. Do you think that's the right decision?