Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thang!

Upon reflection, perhaps the one character missing from HEAVENLY MOVES who is most sorely needed is a nutritionist!  Criminy, those twentysomething chicks in the '80s do NOT eat well.  (They will regret this in their thirties.)  But Hev, who is even less of a cook than she is a gourmand, does share with us one excellent recipe: 

"Ed's Cafe was an unabashedly local joint with no decor beyond mismatched tables and chairs, no menu other than what Ed felt like writing on the chalkboard, a scuffed up linoleum floor you didn't want to look at too closely and the finest blueberry pancakes on the West Coast. (The secret, per Ed, is to use the waffles recipe on the side of the Bisquick box, not the pancake one. You're welcome.)"

Pass the syrup.

© Amy Briant 2013


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Who Day: All Hail the Monamobile

Hev's best friend, Mona Murdock, calls her car The Monamobile.  If you've ever had an old beater car with a name, you know it can be quite a character. And thus deserving of inclusion in TUESDAY WHO DAY. I can't imagine HEAVENLY MOVES without the Monamobile!
it kinda looks like this... about the same vintage anyhow
"As always, the back seat was a mess, littered with fast food debris, candy wrappers, soda cans, miscellaneous papers, broken bass strings, picks, a few random articles of clothing, bottles of motor oil, a naked plastic baby doll without the head (don't ask) and who knows what else. With the trash, the duct-taped seats, a big crack in the windshield and the mismatched, rusted exterior, it was a vehicle only an owner could love. Someone had once told Mona it looked like the car of a serial killer. She loved it."

© Amy Briant 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekend Sampler

We've all seen those cars on the road - the ones adorned with MANY bumper stickers. And the rest of us thank you, crazy bumper sticker person. Although we do not aspire to be like you, you (sometimes) provide us with entertainment at stop lights. (I'd like to give a special shout-out here to the car with the REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT sticker I saw in the parking lot of an Atlanta grocery store.) One such vehicle is found within the pages of HEAVENLY MOVES:

"I'd seen a little blue Datsun B210 parked there, covered with typical San Tomas bumper stickers exhorting us to visualize world peace, visualize whirled peas, practice random acts of kindness and visit the Mystery Spot, among other things."

Hey, remember the B210?
yeah me neither

No matter. What's most important here is The Mystery Spot!  Yay, Mystery Spot. I love that place. Go to their website for a free bumper sticker - how cool is that is this day and age?  I should probably offer you a free bumper sticker.

Wait - I'm already providing all this free blogaliciousness...

You should give ME a free bumper sticker!

OK, OK, fine, I'll work on the freebies. You just enjoy your whirled peas. :-)

© Amy Briant 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Who Day: Meet J. D.

Hey, it's Tuesday!  Come on in, sit down in that comfy beach chair, have a Miller High Life and meet the family.

J. D. Wilcox is Hev's older brother and her only sibling. He's an auto mechanic, 26, described as a muscular 6'1" and lives in Hev's hot & dusty hometown somewhere near beautiful Sacramento, CA. Hev's parents bought her a '73 Camaro as a graduation present at J.D.'s suggestion, which he then fixed up. Hev loves her big brother, but suspects his occasional visits to San Tomas are more to see the Camaro than her. In this slightly edited scene, he is wearing a ratty Pep Boys t-shirt: 

"While J. D. worked on the Camaro, I watched from my beach chair on the west side of the driveway, in the shade under the one small tree in the grassy area. It was very pleasant there, drinking a cold one and watching someone else do the hard work. First he changed the oil, mooning over the engine like it was solid gold sprinkled with diamonds. Then he changed the spark plugs too. What a guy.

I got up from my beach chair, which was not as easy as it sounds, and..."

That's enough for now.  :-)  But remember those Pep Boys t-shirts?
the cornerstone of J. D.'s wardrobe
Super cheap (like $2, I'm thinking?) and SUPER thin. The original tissue Ts... I don't think they sell those anymore. Bummer.
On a happier note, just 6 more weeks 'til the release of HEAVENLY MOVES!  Now that's peppy!!!

© Amy Briant 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday Who Day: Meet The Mongol

Long ago, I would occasionally drive past a bar in the Clairemont area of San Diego which I now think was Horatio's Moonglow Lounge.

I never set foot in the place. (sorry, Horatio) (not sure I was 21 yet) Anyhoo, the neon sign that said MOONGLOW had some bulbs out. Maybe it was supposed to look something like this:

But instead it looked like this:

I would just catch a glimpse of the sign as I whizzed by in my trusty pickup. My brain decided it was not MOONGLOW with a few letters missing; no, my brain decided it said MONGOL. I seriously thought the bar was named THE MONGOL.

Maybe the house special was a gin & tonic called the Genghis Khan-ic?
Or a pitcher of Mongol-itas?
With some Mongol Horde-ouevres?

Eventually, I realized it was Moonglow, not Mongol.


But the dream lives on in HEAVENLY MOVES! In the book, the biggest, bestest nightclub in town is The Moonglow, but due "to ongoing problems with its neon sign, the Moonglow was known as the Mongol to its slightly dyslexic faithful."

Name aside, the club is based on my memories of The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.  I played there a few times in the 80s with different bands.

[dang it, i was trying to insert a pic here, but this confounded Holiday Inn wifi is not worth spit!] 

And. We. Rocked.

Back in the fictional world of San Tomas, the Mongol is a crucial setting throughout the book. It's a what or a where, not a who, but is too important not to make the Tuesday Who Day cut.  ¡Viva el Mongol!


© Amy Briant 2013

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Sampler

As you know, Dear Reader, HEAVENLY MOVES is a story about a girl named Heavenly who moves.  As in into a new apartment.

Like probably most other authors, I occasionally google myself to see if I've won the Pulitzer yet.  (this just in:  no)  I did find this, though, thanks to the kind folks at Google who are always thinking of ways to be helpful (it's real, for reals):
clearly they're unfamiliar with the genre or it would have been U-Haul?