Tuesday Who Day: Meet J. D.

Hey, it's Tuesday!  Come on in, sit down in that comfy beach chair, have a Miller High Life and meet the family.

J. D. Wilcox is Hev's older brother and her only sibling. He's an auto mechanic, 26, described as a muscular 6'1" and lives in Hev's hot & dusty hometown somewhere near beautiful Sacramento, CA. Hev's parents bought her a '73 Camaro as a graduation present at J.D.'s suggestion, which he then fixed up. Hev loves her big brother, but suspects his occasional visits to San Tomas are more to see the Camaro than her. In this slightly edited scene, he is wearing a ratty Pep Boys t-shirt: 

"While J. D. worked on the Camaro, I watched from my beach chair on the west side of the driveway, in the shade under the one small tree in the grassy area. It was very pleasant there, drinking a cold one and watching someone else do the hard work. First he changed the oil, mooning over the engine like it was solid gold sprinkled with diamonds. Then he changed the spark plugs too. What a guy.

I got up from my beach chair, which was not as easy as it sounds, and..."

That's enough for now.  :-)  But remember those Pep Boys t-shirts?
the cornerstone of J. D.'s wardrobe
Super cheap (like $2, I'm thinking?) and SUPER thin. The original tissue Ts... I don't think they sell those anymore. Bummer.
On a happier note, just 6 more weeks 'til the release of HEAVENLY MOVES!  Now that's peppy!!!

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