Tuesday Who Day: All Hail the Monamobile

Hev's best friend, Mona Murdock, calls her car The Monamobile.  If you've ever had an old beater car with a name, you know it can be quite a character. And thus deserving of inclusion in TUESDAY WHO DAY. I can't imagine HEAVENLY MOVES without the Monamobile!
it kinda looks like this... about the same vintage anyhow
"As always, the back seat was a mess, littered with fast food debris, candy wrappers, soda cans, miscellaneous papers, broken bass strings, picks, a few random articles of clothing, bottles of motor oil, a naked plastic baby doll without the head (don't ask) and who knows what else. With the trash, the duct-taped seats, a big crack in the windshield and the mismatched, rusted exterior, it was a vehicle only an owner could love. Someone had once told Mona it looked like the car of a serial killer. She loved it."

© Amy Briant 2013


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