Weekend Sampler

We've all seen those cars on the road - the ones adorned with MANY bumper stickers. And the rest of us thank you, crazy bumper sticker person. Although we do not aspire to be like you, you (sometimes) provide us with entertainment at stop lights. (I'd like to give a special shout-out here to the car with the REPUBLICANS FOR VOLDEMORT sticker I saw in the parking lot of an Atlanta grocery store.) One such vehicle is found within the pages of HEAVENLY MOVES:

"I'd seen a little blue Datsun B210 parked there, covered with typical San Tomas bumper stickers exhorting us to visualize world peace, visualize whirled peas, practice random acts of kindness and visit the Mystery Spot, among other things."

Hey, remember the B210?
yeah me neither

No matter. What's most important here is The Mystery Spot!  Yay, Mystery Spot. I love that place. Go to their website for a free bumper sticker - how cool is that is this day and age?  I should probably offer you a free bumper sticker.

Wait - I'm already providing all this free blogaliciousness...

You should give ME a free bumper sticker!

OK, OK, fine, I'll work on the freebies. You just enjoy your whirled peas. :-)

© Amy Briant 2013


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