Tuesday Who Day: Meet Hev

I now proclaimeth Tuesday to be Tuesday Who Day! Yes, the whirling dynamo of a juggernaut that is my self-promotion will not permit me to take Tuesday off.  Wednesday's another matter.

We start (¡por supuesto!) with the protagonist of HEAVENLY MOVES, the one-and-only Heavenly Wilcox.  Well, I thought she was the one-and-only until I found out there were already 8 Heavenly Wilcoxes on Facebook.  (seriously, parents of America, what is your freaking problem?)

My Heavenly - "Hev" to her friends - is a 22 year old college dropout, living in the Northern California beach town of San Tomas.  Which bears a striking resemblance to Santa Cruz, except, so far, without the roller coaster, which I can hardly believe.  (!)  Hev is often asked to explain her celestial nomenclature:  "...yes, my parents were flower children. Don't even ask what my brother J. D.'s initials stand for. It could have been worse, I guess—Heavenly isn't near as bad as Moon Flower or something. We actually started life as Jennifer and Carl, but somewhere in the sixties, Mom and Dad had our names legally changed in an outburst of peace, love and understanding. Oddly enough, they kept their own."

Don't ask me what J. D.'s initials stand for, either - truly, I don't know.

Hev is super stoked to have moved into her first solo apartment, just two blocks from the beach.  Woo hoo!  (I magically transported an L. A. beach apartment I once was fortunate to have to San Tomas for her)  Hev works as a temp at the county public defender's office doing clerical duties.  (also straight from my bio)  Just to prove I actually can write something fictional, Hev hails from a small town outside Sacramento, CA.  (ha! I have NEVER lived in Sacramento!)

Hev hangs out with the fabulous Murdock sisters, Mona and Margo. The three of them grew up together in that small town and all moved to San Tomas to attend the university there. Mona is short, dark-haired and an aspiring rock star. Margo is tall, red-haired and a hottie.  Hev often thinks about how she compares to them:  "Between these two opposites, I was normal, average and boring. Five foot seven, one hundred twenty five pounds, average build, medium length light brown hair. Not that I was gross or anything, but I didn't have Margo's bone structure or Mona's attitude. I guess my green eyes weren't so average, but who cared. Of the three of us, I was usually noticed last, if at all."

Self esteem much, Hev?  Sigh.  She does have a cool car, though - a primer gray '73 Camaro.  Plus the ability to type seventy-two words per minute, most of them in English.

That's Hev! Whose world is about to get turned upside down in HEAVENLY MOVES.

© Amy Briant 2013


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