Tuesday Who Day: Meet Margo Murdock

The Murdock sisters play prominent roles in HEAVENLY MOVES and in Heavenly's life.  The older sister, Mona, is Hev's BFF. Today, we meet the younger (age 21) sister, Margo, known for her red hair, hot bod, grim stare and trademark unlit Marlboro.

"Mona Murdock and I were best friends from way back. Her family moved next door when we were both seven. Six-year-old Margo did not, of course, go around with an unlit cigarette dangling from the corner of her mouth. But I contend she already had the grim stare down. I found Margo an unnerving child, as did most everyone."

The Murdock sisters share an apartment next door to the bowling alley, where Margo is the assistant night manager and bartender.

What else?  The girl is a hottie:  "Unlike me or her sister, Margo had to beat guys off with a stick. From a strange little strawberry blonde girl, she'd grown into a beauty. She was a little taller than me, and while I was more or less average in most respects, Margo had the drop-dead, killer body. Plus that red hair (often chemically enhanced) and the unlit Marlboro. She rarely had much to say to people she didn't know, but that didn't seem to deter the opposite sex. If I were male, I would have been scared to death of her and that grim stare, but most guys (and girls) thought she was hot."

Stop on by the Bowl-O-Rama lounge and she'll pour you a cocktail...

 © Amy Briant 2013


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