Thursday Thang!

Today's artifact from my upcoming novel, HEAVENLY MOVES, is real.  (just to mix things up!)  Although HM will be my third novel to be published, it's the first novel I ever set out to write. Here's an original handwritten page from the first draft, circa 1993ish:

Whew, A LOT has changed since then!  Like, I bought a computer.  Hello.  I rarely write fiction (other than the quick brainstorm of a note) with pen or pencil these days. I know you can't really see it in the picture, but this page was so fresh and first-drafty that Heavenly (the protagonist) wasn't even called Heavenly yet - somehow, "Jennifer" didn't survive the cut.  (I think she was straight, too - HA!)

20 years ago, I lived in Hev's apartment, 2 blocks from the beach: "...a fuse would blow if you even just thought hard about electricity. Clearly, the place was a tax write-off for the owner. Fine by me—I was thrilled with the cheap rent and hoped they wouldn't be demolishing the place any time soon to build condos."

Alas, they did. The condos go for about $2 million these days.  Hope they re-did the wiring!

I know the page pictured above is hard to read, but you know what won't be hard to read?  HEAVENLY MOVES, coming April 2013!

© Amy Briant 2013


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