The Top 5 Things I Hate To See In A Book: #1

This begins a brief series of posts, in no particular order, about the things I hate to see in a book.  Like...

JULY 2020 NOTE:  Oops!  I had to edit this post because...
You know that feeling when you're up on your moral high horse, preaching away about the #1 thing you hate to see in a book--AND THEN YOU REALIZE YOU KINDA DID IT IN NOVEL #5?!

Dang it.  Dismounting high horse now.  Okay, I did it on a much smaller scale than the thing I was complaining about, but still.  I kept that stuff in Novel #5.  I'm not taking it out.  Probably nobody other than me and maybe one other person will ever will know what I've done--it's not something that will jump out at you.

Here's what's left of the original post:  I guess, as seems to always be the case when it comes to Art and Morality, we must each one of us make our own decisions.  I've made mine.

I shall now descend from my soapbox.  Next up in this short series about things I don't like to see in books:  something not so deep, but just as obnoxious - bad editing!


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