Valentine's Day 2012

Only 4 months and 15 days until my second novel, ROMEO FAILS, comes out on Valentine's Day 2012! Can't help it - excitement building!

ROMEO FAILS is nothing like SHADOW POINT. So, if you liked SHADOW POINT, you can be all "what a delightfully refreshing change of pace!" If you didn't like SHADOW POINT, you can be all "thank you, Jesus!"

Such a win/win, people.

How is ROMEO FAILS not like SHADOW POINT? Let's review:

- No ghosts
- Not a sequel - totally different story. A more traditional love story (well, as traditional as I can get) with a dash of mystery. (of course!)
- Set in the Midwest. The Mysterious, Romantic Midwest...
- The protagonist is a young woman named Dorsey Larue, who has two wonderful brothers named Goodman and Shaw. Together, they run the family business, Larue's Swingtime Hardware.
- I promise you don't need to know anything about hardware, Shakespeare or swing music to enjoy this story. (although the hardware store cats, George and Ira, might recommend the latter) (if you got that one, I may wish to marry you) (we'll talk)

ROMEO FAILS: the story of a lonely heart,

a red Volkswagen bug and

a love affair that is anything but simple.




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