We Interrupt This Blog Post To Say


Yes, the 23rd season of Survivor starts in just a few minutes, Dear Reader. I'm a big fan. (don't judge me :-)) (oh, stop, Judgie McCritical - I'll bet you do dumb things, too)

Although I enjoy watching Survivor, I'd never win. Those bast-... people would vote me out in a heartbeat. And I'm so charming, too...

I also do not watch Survivor for actual survival tips. For that, my new go-to show is MAN, WOMAN, WILD on the Discovery Channel. Very entertaining.

My need for survival tips is primarily research for my post-apocalyptic YA tale, in which two teenagers are making their way across a hundred miles of post-apocalpytic Northern California wilderness, on foot, with very little gear.

They're in Berkeley for the moment, in case you're wondering. Or what was Berkeley...

The rest of my need for survival tips is Just. In. Case.

And though I may have semi pooh-poohed research in a recent post (which is totally different from the FULL ON pooh-pooh), I do not disdain it when it appears on my TV screen and entertains me when I least expect it. So, yay for free, unexpected and valuable research! And who knew you could do that with kelp?

Gotta go - think I heard Probst say "Come on in, guys!"


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