Mona Leases A Chevrolet

A fellow author posed the question awhile back: can a car be a character in a book? I say YES! (For you Dear Readers of a certain age, I have four words: My Mother The Car.)

In my 3rd novel, HEAVENLY MOVES, a major character is a young woman named Mona. The story is set in 1982. Let's meet her car:

"Mona picked me up around 7:00 p.m. in her car. Originally purchased by her grandmother in 1963, it was a very large American vehicle of unknown pedigree. The nameplates identifying the make and model had long ago fallen off. We called it the Monamobile. The original bright lemon-colored paint job had faded to the palest of yellows, almost white, with patches of rust throughout, except for one replaced side panel in a dark and disturbing shade of green found nowhere in nature. As always, the back seat was a mess, littered with fast food debris, candy wrappers, soda cans, miscellaneous papers, broken bass strings, picks, a few random articles of clothing, bottles of motor oil, a naked plastic baby doll without the head (don't ask) and who knows what else. Mona tended to throw trash over her shoulder into the back and only clean it up about once a month or so. With the trash, the duct-taped seats, a big crack in the windshield and mismatched, rusted exterior, it was a vehicle only an owner could love. Someone had once told Mona it looked like the car of a serial killer. She loved it."
copyright Amy Briant 2011

I have a vivid picture in my mind of the Monamobile, but have not yet found a picture that captures all her magnificence. As noted above, by 1982, she's rusty and beat up, but still a stalwart steed. As to her mysterious make and model, she looks a little like this:

Or this:

Or maybe one of these:


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