So Wear Your Good Underwear For Me To Picture You In

I'm very excited to announce my first public reading of (a few pages of) SHADOW POINT. The fine folks at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans have invited me to participate. I'm thrilled and honored to do so! This Saturday, May 14, 2011, I'll be one of several authors reading from their works at the festival. I will also be on a panel discussing the evolving nature of the women's literary community. Should be a blast! I'm looking forward to meeting lots of readers and writers. And my flight has a brief stopover in San Diego, where SHADOW POINT takes place - which means a gorgeous aerial view of Point Loma, the "real" Shadow Point and my childhood home. How's that for pre-conference inspiration? Yahoo! Not totally sure what I'm going to wear yet for My Big Debut, but the outfit will probably involve the word "converse." If this were a cold weather event, I could throw a blazer on top of jeans, t-shirt & converse and pretend to be fancy. I am not fancy. And it won't be cold in New Orleans in May - more like steamy, hot, humid and awesome! I am EXCITED, Dear Reader!!! I get to read my novel out loud in front of people!!! FABULOUS.

Now, what to wear...


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