Mad Love

What could be better on Valentine's Day than a little love for SHADOW POINT? (the correct answer is NOTHING!) I was notified yesterday that I've been selected as one of six 2011 winners of the Alice B. Lavender Certificate for lesbian fiction debut novels.

And the winners are:
  • Amy Briant, SHADOW POINT
  • Gina Daggett, JUKEBOX
  • D. Jackson Leigh, BAREBACK and LONG SHOT
  • Kristin Marra, WIND AND BONES
  • Amy Dawson Robertson, MILES TO GO

Four of the six are published by Bella Books - go, Bella! Go, Bella authors! (those are the green ones above)

Paraphrased from The Alice B. Committee is a group of lesbians in southern Arizona who choose to support and encourage writers of lesbian fiction by recognition of excellence. The Lavender Certificate is given annually for debut novels that were read by the committee during the previous year and judged to excel.

My thanks again to the Alice B. Readers Appreciation Award Committee! I'm so honored and pleased by their selection of me and SHADOW POINT for this recognition. It's thrilling to me whenever someone tells me she's read my book. It's even better when people like it! This is such a lovely and unexpected Valentine's surprise. The support and positive feedback from this Committee are greatly appreciated by me. I've already read some of the books on their list, but now I have some more new titles to explore - always a good thing for a reader AND a writer. :-)


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