Wherefore Art Thou - oh, there you are.

I'm very excited, Dear Reader, to announce that Bella Books (publisher of my first novel SHADOW POINT) will be publishing my second novel, ROMEO FAILS, in February 2012. Yahoo!

ROMEO FAILS is a very different story from SHADOW POINT:
  • It's not a ghost story. It's totally normal, not paranormal!
  • It's set in a tiny (population 3,557) Midwestern town, not in California like my other two books. A town called Romeo Falls...
  • It's written in the third person, not first person like SHADOW POINT. That may or may not make much difference to a reader, but it was HUGE for me as a writer. More on that later, no doubt.
So, just to recap. SHADOW POINT came out last month - woo hoo! ROMEO FAILS is coming in 2012 - woo hoo! And I'm slowly but surely editing/refining/rewriting HEAVENLY MOVES, my set-in-1982 rock'n'roll murder mystery extravaganza. Well, maybe extravaganza is a bit much. Vaganza alone doesn't sound quite right, though... Well, while I ponder that, you look for the hidden Elvis Costello reference in this blog post. And did I say happy new year? Happy New Year, blogsters!


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