Shmad Libs

Here are the winning entries from the Last Annual SHADOW POINT Facebook Shmad Lib Contest! Participants were asked to provide a person, a body part and a location. Those three things were then plugged into a sentence to create the bizarre, whimsical, and anatomically challenging masterpieces below. Unbeknownst to the contestants, the Mystery Sentence just happened to be the opening line from SHADOW POINT:

They found my brother’s body by the tide pools.

Here are the “Shmad Lib” versions of that line:

• They found Eleanor Roosevelt’s left nostril by the basement of the Alamo. (Madison M.)
• They found Batgirl’s uvula by Madison’s belfry. (Karin K.)
• They found Regina Phalange’s pinky toe by the zoo. Clearly, she had taken the bus to get there. (Susan S.)
• They found Captain Kirk’s pecs by Shadow Point. (Bridget L.)
• They found Josephenetta Shmosly’s eyebrow by the lake. (Mary F.)
• They found Pee Wee Herman’s pinky toe by the tilt-a-whirl at a sad county fair. (Suzanne C.)

I wonder if they first thought Josephenetta’s eyebrow was a caterpillar on that faraway lake shore... Oh, well, never mind. Congratulations to all the entrants, I mean winners! For your efforts, you have won the admiration of your peers and the glory of being mentioned in this blog. I'm toasting you with a Coca-Cola right now - huzzah!


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