The worst thing that could happen changes every day.

For Madison McPeake - young, beautiful, gay, acerbically witty, and with just a wee drinking problem - getting "not totally fired" from her job as a corporate trainer and being ordered to take three weeks off starting immediately seems like the worst thing that could happen.

Then the phone rings.

Her estranged brother has been found dead by the tide pools at a top secret Navy lab on Shadow Point, a rugged and remote San Diego peninsula. Madison has no choice but to go there and take custody of five year old Katie, the niece she's never met. But even her complete lack of parenting skills is not the worst of Madison's new troubles.

First, there's the malevolent phantom from Shadow Point's disturbing past haunting her isolated beach cabin.

Second, her dead brother's ties to the menacing Church of the Benevolent Fount, who have their own ideas about who should raise Katie.

Last, but far from least, is the alluring marine biologist with the Texas twang in the cabin across the way - whose side is she on?

And Mad thought her inner demons were bad - what a week to stop smoking and drinking!  Because Shadow Point is about to become a battleground for the possession of little Katie's soul. Good thing Madison has all that time off...

a novel by
Amy Briant


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