Dorsey Larue feels trapped.

Trapped in her tiny, dead end, Midwestern hometown of Romeo Falls.

Trapped in her job, where she's a reluctant employee of the family business, Larue's Swingtime Hardware.

She'd much rather be doing freelance carpentry work or pursuing her hobby of “re-imagining” vintage furniture. She’d much rather be looking for love, but the small town, small minds and slim pickings in Romeo Falls have made her one lonely lesbian.

Then her best friend Maggie’s cousin comes to visit. Rumors are swirling about Sarah, and what may or may not have happened in the big city she left behind. Where others see a scandal, Dorsey sees only a quietly pretty girl with an intelligent gleam in her eye - maybe the girl she’s been waiting for all these years.

But is their summer romance ill-fated, when BFF Maggie forbids it, and the homophobic local citizenry suspect Sarah is behind the escalating series of malicious crimes plaguing the community? Dorsey may have found the love of her life - or her fragile heart may be ensnared in the cruelest trap of all.

A lonely heart.

A red Volkswagen Bug.

And a love affair that is anything but simple.

a novel by
Amy Briant


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