HEAVENLY MOVES Book Club Questions


 WARNING:  Don't proceed unless
you've already read HEAVENLY MOVES.

And now for some book club questions!

1)  There are lots of different characters to love (or not) in this book. Who was your favorite character and why?  Least favorite and why?
2)  The 80s were awesome! What was your favorite bit of 80s pop culture in HEAVENLY MOVES?
3)  Hev suggests that maybe there's a villain in each of us, just awaiting the opportunity to get out.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why?
4)  Who do you think was the bigger villain - Jackson Miller or Werner?  Why?
5)  Although San Tomas prides itself on its liberal (not to mention quirky!) reputation, Hev encounters more than a little homophobia throughout the story. Which of those incidents had the most resonance for you? Which do you think was the toughest for Hev?
6)  There are many obstacles along the way in Hev's journey to self-awareness and self-acceptance - name one and discuss.
7)  At the end of the novel, Hev has not come out to her friends or family. Do you think that's the right decision?


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