SHADOW POINT: The Opening Paragraphs

They found my brother's body by the tide pools. Some small, probably squishy, sea creature had stung him with a virulence that could not be denied. The resulting anaphylactic shock was the end of James. With no one else around, he had no chance of making it back to a phone before his cold little heart stopped for the last time.

They said it was sunset when they found him. The tide was trying to take him out, but his shirt snagged on a rock.

They told me all this later, of course. I wasn't there. I was in Boston, getting fired.

All in all, it was really inconsiderate of James to go and die on us like that, leaving his only child an orphan and turning my life upside down. Served me right, he would have said.

copyright Amy Briant 2010 all rights reserved


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