THE BOOK OF KELL: Book Club Questions

And now for some Book Club Questions:

1)  There are lots of different characters to love (or not) in this book. Who is your favorite character and why?  Least favorite and why?

2)  There are many obstacles along the way in Kell's journey - which one would you find most daunting in the post-apocalypse?
3)  If you were in Kell's place, would you stay in Tres Hermanas?

YES - the safety, resources and relationships there are a much better bet than the chances of ever finding Segundo.
NO - Family comes first, even in the post-apocalypse.

4)  Does it seem like East really cares for Kell or does she simply use people to help her survive?

5)  East strongly believes in her duty to accept her Aptitude.  Does Kell have a duty to accept her Aptitude and fulfill that mission?  Why do you think Gabriel accepted hers?

6)  On a scale of one to ten (with ten being Kell-like skills), how would YOU fare in the post-apocalypse?


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