LIVE READING TONIGHT! (By me, I mean, not you)

Looking forward to my LIVE! FREE! SHORT STORY READING! tonight on the LESBIAN STORY HOUR.  Hope to see you there at 7 PM EST - where you'll see my fabulous high-tech home video studio, AKA the foyer - ooh, ahh.  (also AKA the library, so feel free to zoom in on the shelves to see what my collection holds)

For access info for the LESBIAN STORY HOUR Zoom meeting, join the QueerConnect Lesbian Story Hour Facebook group ( or email

Zoom is super easy & user-friendly - you won't need to do anything except click on a link.

So pull up a chair, assemble the snacks, relax and enjoy a short story from me to you.  There'll be an opportunity to pepper me with questions as well.  Should be fun!  And you are invited, Dear Reader.


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