Congratulations To The 3 Winners Of A Free Copy Of THE BOOK OF KELL!

So wayyyyy back in January 2020, I joined Twitter and promised to give free copies of THE BOOK OF KELL to three of my first 49 Twitter followers.  I hit 49 last week!  And am now at 54!  (#unstoppable : -))  My goal is 1,561 followers.  Let's see, if it took four months to hit 54, then it will take a little more than... NINE YEARS to hit that.

Nah, I think we can do it in eight!  : -)

I announced the three winners on Twitter today and have reached out to them directly.  Congratulations, winners!

And my thanks to ALL of my Twitter followers!  It's been a fun ride so far.  Come on, #55!  I know you're out there, you delightful person.

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