I Used To Live Next Door To Walmart

I've mentioned before that I aspire to write a Grocery Store Book - something so monstrously bestselling that you find it not just in bookstores, but in the freakin' grocery store, man!

On the other hand, I also aspire to have 1,462 Twitter followers and the last time I checked, I have 23.  Well, you've gotta start somewhere, people!

So when I saw THIS when Googling my latest book, I thought it might be a step in the right direction:
But when I clicked on the link, target.com told me "this product is not yet available" or something like that.

Which is good if they're going to stock it in the Kids' Books.  Not a kids' book, Target!  It's a Young Adult post-apocalyptic thriller.  Definitely does not belong on the shelf next to "Good Night, Moon" if you know what I mean.

Oh, heck, I know it's not going to be on an actual shelf in Target.  It will just be one more of the bazillions of things available online from them.

It's all good!  I'll keep working on the Grocery Store Book in the meantime.  Good night, Target.


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