Book Trailer Premiere!

I'm very excited to announce the premiere of the book trailer for THE BOOK OF KELL.  It's a tuneful and action-packed 90 seconds of the post-apocalypse to brighten your day!  You'll find the trailer here.

I thought you might enjoy a little background info on the creation of this book trailer.  (full "director's cut" reveal coming soon)  As always, I wrote the music for the trailer.  For those of you who are not musicians, this is what a real musical score looks like - it's one of my favorite Chopin nocturnes:

Composers write their music out in this way so other people can play it.

Since I was going to be playing all the parts for the book trailer, I didn't bother with formally writing it out.  Instead, I jotted down this chicken scratch to transfer the music in my brain to a piece of paper:

No dining takes place in my dining room since that's where I write.  (on a large dining table - I need room to stretch my legs out while I'm writing and desks are just too dang confining)  Also found in the dining room is the upright piano I've been keeping company with since I was five years old and, tucked away in the corner by the closet door, my humble home recording studio:

The picture's kind of dark, I know.  I took it late last night as I finished recording the music on the keyboard at the right, then transferred that data to the rather ancient Tascam "Portastudio" in the corner, THEN transferred THAT file to the laptop on the card table.  (since the keyboard doesn't like to talk to the laptop)  Whew!

From there, it was back to editing the PowerPoint file that is the starting point for the trailer itself.  Did you know you can save a PowerPoint slideshow as an MP4 video file!  Yep, you can.

Anyhow, it's a lot of work between the PowerPoint and the music, but it's pure fun for me.  And you, too, I hope - please check out the 90-second video trailer at your convenience and let me know what you think on Twitter, here on the blog, on Facebook (AuthorAmyBriant) - wherever grabs your cyber-fancy.

Happy trails to you!

THE BOOK OF KELL will be published on 02/15/20 - the post-apocalypse is looking mighty queer...


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