The GoodReads, The Bad Wormholes & The Not-So-Ugly Grazing Goats

Hey, I'm on GoodReads now.  Here's the link for THE BOOK OF KELL's page, where four extremely discerning and delightful strangers have already added it to their lists. Why, just think - you could be number five!

I have work to do to continue building my GoodReads presence.  Social media is a lot of work for an author.  And I'm not even on Twitter or Instagram… yet...  I'm going to try a new approach in 2020 (starting now) with more posts on more platforms, but very quick posts.  Like this one.  While doing my best not to fall down the wormhole of social media.  (goldarn wormholes - get off my lawn)  The trick is to not let the time spent on social media take too many precious minutes away from the actual writing itself.

Because nobody else is going to send a car to pick up my Protagonist who has just tumbled down a steep hillside of grazing goats at the country club.  (no imaginary goats were harmed in the making of this chapter)  Hang on, Protagonist - I'm coming!


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