SCORE: Nomenclature 1, Amy 0

Three of my novels are set in the fictional town of San Tomas which bears a striking resemblance to the real town of Santa Cruz, California.

HEAVENLY MOVES was set in 1980s San Tomas.  (the summer of 1982, to be precise)

THE BOOK OF KELL is sort of set there - it's a road trip story that begins in The Settlement, which is what's left of San Tomas in the not-too-distant post-apocalypse.  As the characters progress on their one-hundred-mile journey on foot through the Northern California wilderness and the devastated remains of civilization, there are many discussions of the people and homes they left behind in San Tomas.

So we got Past San Tomas in HEAVENLY MOVES and Future San Tomas in THE BOOK OF KELL.  Present Day San Tomas is the setting for Novel #5.  (super sorry, citizens of Novel #5, about that upcoming apocalypse - carpe diem and enjoy it while it lasts, dudes!)

These three books comprise the San Tomas Trilogy in my mind.  (or perhaps the San Tomas Chronicles)  I've thought of them that way for several years now, but actually I'm hoping for much more than a trilogy.  If all goes as planned, there will be at least twenty books set in San Tomas.  Not sure if they'll be in the past, the present or the future, but that will sort itself out eventually.  So, if three books is a trilogy, what's 20?  A...vigogy?

Frankly, I was pushing my Latin limits with carpe diem, so I'm doubtful vigogy is a word.

Come to think of it, when there are four books in a series, they'll call that a quartet, don't they?  So...vigtet?

No, wait, I got it - they call a group of twenty a SCORE!  You know, like four score and seven years ago.  If I got twenty more books in me, that will indeed be a score!  (Should I be typing faster?)

Well, I'm going to do my best to carpe the heck out of all my diems, and focus more on actual writing and less on nomenclature!  Discedere debeo, Dear Reader.  In proximum!


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