New Book, New Look, New Year!

Dear Reader,

I'm excited to announce that I have finished my fourth novel, THE BOOK OF KELL!  I look forward to its publication in 2020.  Yes, this is the Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult story I was working on for so many years.  Perseverance!  'Tis a thrilling tale of harrowing adventure, survival and love.

I'll keep you posted on important milestones like excerpts, the book trailer, cover art, pre-order status and more as Publication Day nears.  In the meantime, visit for other great books to read.  (like my previous three, if you haven't already:  fancy a beachy ghost story?  a Midwestern love triangle?  how about an '80s rock'n'roll murder mystery?)

I've given this blog a new look for 2019 - hope you like it!  Not only have I been busy writing in the last few years, I've also lost 70 pounds.  (Go, me!)  So all is well except for that looming post-apocalypse, but don't worry - you're going to love it with Kell by your side.  Look for other updates on  (note to self:  update website)

Work on Novel #5 has already begun and there's a book of short stories in the works as well.  But mark your calendars now for a Sometime In 2020 release of THE BOOK OF KELL.


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