What In The World!

One thing - one BIG thing - that makes my third novel very different from the first two is the size of the world.

objects in the universe may be larger than they appear

SHADOW POINT was more or less a locked room mystery - one claustrophobic location from which there was no escape (at least until page 254) and a handful of characters.

ROMEO FAILS was set in a very small Midwest town with a slightly bigger cast of characters.

But HEAVENLY MOVES takes place in the city of San Tomas, CA and Heavenly Wilcox, the main character, has friends! Family! Neighbors! Coworkers! Criminals! (at work & home) Not to mention the rottweiler and the band...

Ah, the world building! It may be my favorite part of novel writing. (you'd think it would be the words, but apparently that extra L makes all the difference) I hope you enjoy the world o' San Tomas. I have big plans for it!


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