Weekend Sampler

Let's sample the who, what, when, where and why of HEAVENLY MOVES...

The WHOs are captured in my Tuesday Who Day posts.

The WHAT, I guess, is the novel itself - coming in April 2013!  Pretty darn soon!

The WHEN is 1982. HEAVENLY MOVES takes place in the summer of that year.

Here's what I looked like in 1982:

The blue pineapples!  The natural hair color!  The unpierced ear lobes!  The alcoholic beverage visible in the lower left corner!  don't hate me because i'm beautiful

Now I'll have to see a picture of what you looked like in 1982 before I allow you to judge me.

Yeah.  That's what I thought.

The WHERE of the book is San Tomas (hint: just south of San Francisco):

That leaves just the WHY.  This was my first novel, although the second to be finished and the third to be published.  I suspect many first novels, especially those that are highly autobiographical, MUST be written lest they burst out the author's chest like in Alien. 
(or Spaceballs)

That's the WHY of this one.


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