Tuesday Who Day: Sit, Chopper!

After I (FINALLY!) finished writing HEAVENLY MOVES, there was one character in particular I really missed. (Yes, I miss imaginary beings. I hope this is not going to be an issue for you.) I'm so excited to introduce you two today. Last week we met Hev's new next door neighbor, the surly ex-cop Werner. Today, we meet Werner's dog - a Rottweiler named Chopper. (yep, 3 books, 3 dogs)

Chopper is a 120 pound goofball of love who seriously needs a bath, but never gets one in HEAVENLY MOVES.  Maybe in the sequel... CHOPPER BATHES... (that was a joke) Anyhow, Mr. Chopper is A Good Dog. He enjoys long walks on the beach, marking his territory and licking things.

"The beach was sparsely populated, so I let Chopper go. He dashed off in pursuit of some seagulls, and to sniff all of the flotsam and most of the jetsam within a hundred yard radius, but trotted back periodically to check in... A stray mutt wandered by and Chopper romped with the pooch good-naturedly, playing the submissive even though he must have had seventy pounds or more on the other dog, which looked to be a mix of Dalmatian, wire-haired dachshund and weasel."

© Amy Briant 2013


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