Tuesday Who Day: Meet Werner

And then there's Mr. Werner - another character whose first name I do not know. (nor care to) In HEAVENLY MOVES, the aforementioned Heavenly has just moved into a new apartment by the beach. Werner, a former police officer, is one of her neighbors. He lives alone in the apartment next door. (except for a certain Rottweiler) If I had to describe Werner's disposition with a five-letter word starting with S and ending with Y, it would not be sunny.  Surly's more like it. Hev's first meeting with him is not particularly positive:  "...a mean-looking man in his fifties with a pot belly the size and shape of a bowling ball... His graying brown hair was slicked back with some form of petroleum product and his wardrobe seemed focused on polyester."
Personality and wardrobe fouls aside, Werner is an ex-cop who lived next door to the now mysteriously disappeared Jackson Miller. So he's got the skills, the contacts and at least some information... but will he be a help or a hindrance as Heavenly tries to solve the mystery? Find out in April when HEAVENLY MOVES debuts!

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