Tuesday Who Day: Meet Bertha's Attic

Yahoo, let's meet the band! To recap:  the protagonist of HEAVENLY MOVES is Heavenly "Hev" Wilcox. Her best friend, Mona, is an aspiring rock star. Mona's band is called Bertha's Attic.
logo created by an internationally famous napkin designer (obvs)
The band's name is a Jane Eyre reference from Mona, the English major dropout - remember Mr. Rochester's crazy wife Bertha who lived in the attic? [or at least upstairs] Mona is the unquestioned (not to mention tyrannical) leader of her band - she writes the songs, sings lead and plays bass. The other members of Bertha's Attic are:

Petey Houlihan, guitar
"...red-haired, freckle-faced and looked like he was about sixteen. At age nineteen, he considered this a serious defect. He had recently dyed his hair jet black after cutting it very short except for one lock falling over his right eye. Which looked ridiculous, but Petey was such a nice boy that nobody wanted to hurt his feelings. He had told us all to call him Peter, not Petey, but who could look at that face and not say Petey?"

Handsome Pete, drums
"...tall and handsome, with hazel eyes, cropped brown hair and a fledgling moustache.... Gorgeous older women (like twenty-four) would show up at gigs from time to time and carry cymbals until they broke a fingernail."

LeClaire, keyboards
"She described her heritage as half Jamaican, half French and half Irish. That was about as much sense as I ever got out of the girl... Her appearance was striking...the audience could see her behind her keyboards with her mirrored sunglasses and beaded braids a-swinging."

And that's Bertha's Attic - coming soon to a Dollar Night near you! Don't forget your ID.

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