Thursday Thang!

It's hard to keep track of what's fact and what's fiction in HEAVENLY MOVES as the novel is soooooo autobiographical.  (TIP:  I added the good stuff to make it not boring!)

FACT:  In real life, I once worked across the street from the biggest nightclub in Santa Cruz at a pizza place.  Their pizza was Very Good!  [I know.  I ate it almost every day.]  [damn you gluten]

FICTION:  In San Tomas, there's a pizza place across the street from the biggest nightclub in town - the Mongol I mean Moonglow. Thursdays are Dollar Nights at the Moonglow - a dollar to get in, dollar beers and 3 bands!  Such a deal.  And across the street is Rocco's Pizza - THE WORST imaginary PIZZA EVER!

See? It's hard to keep the fiction straight from the fact when even the fiction comes with a coupon.  Ah, well - meet me at Ed's Cafe!


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