Thursday Thang!

My forthcoming novel is set in the fictional Northern California beach town of San Tomas.  Which bears a striking resemblance to Santa Cruz, CA - a unique and special place! One of Santa Cruz's most noteworthy residents is the beautiful (and... delicious?) banana slug.
This is a real Thang, I swear!  These brightly colored, slimy little dudes (not so little, actually) can be found in the redwood forests and sidewalks of both Santa Cruz and San Tomas, although no mention was made of them in HEAVENLY MOVES.  (a shocking omission!)

They are mentioned in my current work in progress, my YA post-apocalyptic story about some teenagers ALMOST hungry enough to eat a banana slug.  (if only they had vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce in the post-apocalypse!)  Someday, Dear Reader, there will be the San Tomas Chronicles - tales of that mythical region from the past (HEAVENLY MOVES) to the present (a not-yet-written mystery) to the future (THE BOOK OF KELL).

Until then, if you're feeling sluggish, go visit beautiful Santa Cruz (click on that link for a slideshow of gorgeous photos of SC highlights), where the mascot of the University of California at Santa Cruz is (you guessed it):


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