So You Say Your Writing's Hit A Brick Wall...

Fortunately, I do most of my writing at night so I don't have to look at the brick building RIGHT across the street. Or the people in it looking back at me.  (insert perhaps my favorite quote from "The Sixth Sense" here:  "STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!")
it's a teeny netbook - you are not a giant
A lovely view is not essential for writing, but it sure would be nice. I used to have this view:
The best Artist's View I've ever seen was the view from my high school piano teacher's piano bench in front of her Mason-Hamlin concert grand.  (now THAT was a piano!) Her house was on a hilly lot, so from her picture window, one could look down and see the gorgeous flower garden on the lower level of her sloping backyard. Very beautiful.  (even by San Diego standards!)

I recently saw a photo of another author's writing space - a screen(ed) porch looking out on a foresty view.  (sorry, can't remember whose view this was)  That would be pretty perfect. Outside-ish, but not with the wind blowing papers everywhere and bugs of every description feasting on my pale flesh.

I love Nature, but why is she always biting me?!

Don't answer that.

All right. Back to the brick wall.

stop looking at me!


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