2 Days To Go!

ROMEO FAILS, my second published novel, comes out on Tuesday. Which is Valentine's Day - apropos for a love story!

A love triangle, actually:
• one side of the triangle is the "friend" love between two best pals, BFFs since kindergarten
• one side of the triangle is the "family" love between two devoted cousins
• and the last side of the triangle is romantic love between 2 people who barely know each other and are not related

Complications ensue. Don't they always?

Of course, I'm curious as to how the world will receive my new novel. This time around, I'm extra curious because ROMEO FAILS is SO VERY DIFFERENT from my first novel, SHADOW POINT.

I hope the readers who enjoyed SHADOW POINT will enjoy ROMEO FAILS. I hope readers who passed on SHADOW POINT (because ghost stories aren't for everyone - it's cool) will check out the 100% phantom-free ROMEO FAILS for a more traditional love story with a dash of mystery.

Let me know what you think, World. :-) I'll be right here, working on something else that will probably be totally different in a whole 'nother way.


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