back in 5...4....3...

Well, THAT was an eventful respite from cyberspace! There was boating...anesthesia...GOOD NEWS!...several conversations with the auto club when The Car Broke Down In The Wilderness... Most of them went like this:

AAA: Yeah, so where are you again?
Me: Dude, I TOLD you - we're by the rock and the tree.

But most important, there was the final editing of ROMEO FAILS. Woo hoo! Less than 3 months until Valentine's Day 2012, which you might think is an odd non sequitur, but is actually a fully pertinent reference to the release date of my second novel. Called ROMEO FAILS. By me.

Say, I should do an excerpt from ROMEO FAILS! And will, in a blog post in the very near future.

Can a book trailer be far behind?


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