Dear Magic 8 Ball

Dear Magic 8 Ball,

Is it too early to start plugging my next book, ROMEO FAILS, which comes out in February of next year?

Sincerely yours,


Excellent! I shall plug away. But first -

Man, I hope no one concludes from the title ROMEO FAILS that the book involves man-bashing.

The title comes from the name of the imaginary town where the story is set - Romeo Falls. (Falls, not Fails) A baffling series of malicious crimes have beset the small Midwestern town, starting with the defacement of the highway sign just outside the city limits. Somebody spray paints ROMEO FAILS on the ROMEO FALLS sign - thus the title.

Behind The Scenes Trivia Alert: The draft name for the town was Chopin Falls. Once a music major, always a music major... After a while, I realized that name made zero sense, plot-wise, plus many otherwise lovely people would pronounce it Choppin'. Eventually, my brain suggested...Shakespeare Falls? Eh. Then: Romeo Falls! Aha.

Anyhoo, no man bashing. I must admit most of the male characters in SHADOW POINT had a rather rough time of it (sorry, guys!), but hey - [fictional] shit happens. The protagonist in ROMEO FAILS, however, is blessed with two great brothers who play important roles in her life and in the novel. They all work together at the family business, Larue's Swingtime Hardware. Protagonist also had a wonderful dad she adored. Oh, and the chief of police is also a strong and important male character - and also a good guy.

Or is he???!!! I did mention those baffling crimes...

Mystery! Romance!! HARDWARE!!!

What more could you want? How about the great tag line Bella (the publisher, Bella Books) came up with:

The story of a lonely heart,
a red Volkswagen bug,
and a love affair that is anything but simple.



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