And Now For Something Completely Different

Just finished (again) editing the manuscript for my work in progress, HEAVENLY MOVES. I don't mean I've finished doing my daily bit of editing - I mean I finished the whole dang book! Again! Could this time really be the last? Could my baby I mean novel actually be ready for the world?

Could be! The first draft came in at approximately 116,000 words. It's now 108,500. And I still find it gripping and witty and poignant and mysterious and rockin' and FUN! Of course, I'm biased, but I have sometimes got to the point with other projects where I was sick of the plot, annoyed with the characters, bored with the whole thing. But HEAVENLY MOVES feels special and I don't say that lightly or often.

And now it's time to Set It Aside. Whew!

(pause for jubilant sigh)

Wait - what the heck am I supposed to do now? It's always a weird feeling when I finish a huge project like this, one that's taken over my life for so long. Almost like awakening from a dream. I'm disoriented, but in a good and happy way.

Perhaps I shall attempt a short story next, something to clear the literary palate, so to speak... You'll be the first to know if it works out, Dear Reader.


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