Madison McPeake: In Her Own Words

If you've already read my novel SHADOW POINT, you're swell. :-)

If not, I'd like to introduce you to the protagonist, Madison McPeake. Perhaps the best way to do that is to share her thoughts on a variety of topics:

On organized religion: "Religion was definitely not the answer for me, seeing as how all the church people I knew skipped right over the "love thy neighbor" stuff to get right down to the "let's stone her in the village square" stuff. God Bless America."

On ears: "A nearly perfect ear, I noticed. Good--nothing worse than funky ears. Maybe it's just me, but the sexiest woman in the world gets downgraded from a ten to a one instantly if she's got weird ears."

On kids: "She'd be walking, talking, probably have strong opinions and bad habits. All the same disagreeable things I dislike about grown up people. Plus, be prone to the high-pitched noises and overall stickiness I associate with small children."

On staff meetings: "Following a bulldog butt uphill was not adding to my experience, but on the scale of unpleasant things, it was better than a staff meeting, I guess."

On sin: "I was already freaked out because I'd committed no fewer than four of the sins cited by the preacher in his interminable and agitated sermon that very morning. And that didn't even count speeding, chewing gum on Sundays, and listening to devil music, all of which I'd further accomplished on the drive to the church."

On nudity: "I didn't really care that she wasn't a natural strawberry blonde, but the knowledge that those freckles were ALL over was more than I needed to know. I'm selectively in favor of female nudity...if I'm doing the selecting..."

She's a wee bit opinionated, that Mad!


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