The Giddiness! The Euphoria! The Self-Googling!

My deep and all-consuming joy at being a published author continues! As does my occasional habit of Googling myself and I do mean myself, not that Pilates instructor Amy Briant or the Welsh singer/songwriter Amy Briant. (hi, girls!)

Google has revealed to me a website that (apparently) tracks sales and rankings of all the books on No, that website is not called And no, I have no idea why someone would put their energy into creating such a website. Except for my appallingly self-centered enjoyment, of course! For you statistics lovers out there, my December sales have more than doubled the numbers from my November sales! Woo hoo! And for you reality lovers, that was, well, ahem, 17 in November and already 36 in December. STILL WOO HOO!

It certainly is a wonderful feeling to think that all over the world, somebody somewhere might be reading SHADOW POINT right now. I do realize we're talking about maybe eleven people worldwide, not like 161,079. Which, coincidentally, is my Amazon sales rank at the moment per that (accurate?) website.

In your face, Number 161,080! :-)


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