One Potato...

As a child, when I was first set the task of peeling a potato, I developed a technique which I still employ to this day. (it is neither spectacular nor original, I’m sure) Step One is to peel a path around the potato until I have an imperfect 1-2” circle of peeled potato running the short way around the midsection of the spud. That was harder to describe than it is to do. Perhaps a visual? I always feel a small thrill of victory as I complete this step. It’s just nice sometimes to feel like you’ve finished something! (It also always make me think of the Panama Canal. The Panama Potato Canal... I can’t explain these weird links and leaps in my brain, but at least they amuse me.) (I should totally make a note of this stuff in case I ever decide to seek therapy.) (Potato-related therapy.)

As I finished the first draft of ROMEO FAILS yesterday, I thought of that partially peeled spud. Yes, Step One aka The First Draft is now done (woo hoo!) and it is a dramatic change from the 100% Unpeeled Potato and/or the blank page. But there’s so much work still to be accomplished! Lots more peeling, not to mention gouging out the odd eye. So now the second draft is in progress.

ROMEO FAILS is the third novel for which I’ve completed a first draft. It’s still quite a thrill for me to cross that finish line which is also a starting line. (and a huge relief! WHEW.) There were many times when I thought I never would finish that first novel - but I did! And then another. And now another. I hope I’m getting better. I know I’m getting faster!

So here’s to my literary spud. Still 75% peel, looking a little crazy and nowhere near ready for the table, but a spud I am proud of and looking forward to improving.


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