Lest you think SHADOW POINT is my only contribution to society, let me share with you another proud creation - an alternative (and highly useful) meaning for the word bullfrog.

So, you're talking with your friend. Or enemy or coworker or some stranger on the street. The other person is babbling on and something he or she says suddenly reminds you of SOMETHING INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT YOU TOTALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!! But you can't, because FrenemyWorkStranger won't shut up. And it would be rude to interrupt, right? Right. But if you don't say something, you'll forget about the INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT THINGY THAT WILL IN ALL LIKELIHOOD CHANGE THE WORLD IF THEY WOULD JUST SHUT UP FOR A SEC. (IITTWIALCTWITWJSUFAS)

But you can't get in a word edgewise! What you need is a Verbal Bookmark, a Conversational Placeholder, so to speak. Some key word that will (a) alert the other person to your IITTWIALCTWITWJSUFAS and (b) serve as a mnemonic for you to then retrieve your brilliance once the other person pauses for breath.

Here's what you say, Gentle Reader: "Bullfrog."

Now, admittedly, this works best when both you and the other person know about the key word and its alternative meaning. If both of you do, then a quick gleam of understanding will pass between you while the other individual finishes his or her story. Then, it's your turn!

Of course, if the other person doesn't know about The Bullfrog Manifesto, then - at best - you will appear odd and socially awkward. At worst, you will realize that the other person apparently suffers from some sort of amphibian phobia and he or she will leap into the air, shrieking "Bullfrog?! Where? Where?"

Which is as good a way as any to terminate a boring conversation.

Now, go forth and spread The Bullfrogginess, good people! It may sound stupid, but try it - it works! You'll love it. You'll wonder how you ever held a conversation without it. I guarantee it.

And if you were here to argue the point with me now, I would say: Bullfrog.


  1. I perceive the extreme usefulness of this strategy. I am going to deploy "bullfrog." Will report back.


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