Book Trailer Director's Cut

OK, not really, but here are a few fun insider glimpses at the book trailer and at SHADOW POINT itself:

1) The letters C, B, and F are important in this story and pop up in more than one place. A leitmotif, if you will... (once a music major, always a music major!) Those three dissonant, insistent notes you hear repeated at the end of the trailer? You guessed it - they are C, B, and F. Probably nobody other than me cares about this level of detail, but, hey, I have to amuse myself, right? Right.

2) There is a quick picture of me in the trailer. (HINT: It's NOT the one with the bikini. :-))

3) There is also one photo of the "real" Shadow Point, aka Point Loma in San Diego, California. It's the hillside shot taken from Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery of a very large Navy ship heading out to sea from San Diego bay.

It's tough to get everything that's needed in a less-than-two-minute book trailer, especially when the book doesn't fit in one easy box. SHADOW POINT is a ghost story, but it's also a romance and a mystery and (I think) laugh-out-loud funny! I hope readers will find it entertaining on a multitude of levels.


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