I Simply Remember My Favorite Lines

In lieu of a longer excerpt from SHADOW POINT, I thought today I would share a few of my favorite lines from the book.

Quick recap of the plot: When her brother dies, Madison McPeake faces instant motherhood, unexpected romance, a menacing Church and a malevolent phantom. Not necessarily in that order.

So, my favorite lines... actually, pretty much EVERY line is my favorite line, but that's just me. For this blog post, let me pick a theme and narrow it down to lines regarding a child's poem, a child's toy and a child's game. Perhaps in future posts, I can pick some Scary Lines - this is a ghost story, after all! Or Lines About Some Of My Favorite Minor Characters - they need love, too. Or how about Lines About Bulldogs? Those are always good.

Anyhow... #1 comes from a scene wherein Madison - who's worried about her newfound parenting responsibilities - is checking out her dead brother's kitchen, which is seriously lacking in food and beverages: "Surely, the only parent who’d be supportive of this would be Ole Mother Hubbard."

From Madison's first description of the living room of her brother's isolated beach cabin: "A small grubby stuffed elephant sprawled across one arm of the couch, looking like Babar after a 3-day binge."

Madison describes her five-year old niece playing tea party at the beach cabin: "Finally, she was set and pouring “tea” for her pachyderm pal into an abalone cup while daintily proffering a scrumptious selection of petit fours. Also known as dirt clods. (I sincerely hope they were dirt clods.)"

I hope you enjoyed these few lines from the book. Hey, only 80,058 more words to go and you'll have read the whole thing! Which is a nice segue into my next blog post "Words Vs. Pages." Look for that here soon, Reader Friends!


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