Top 5 Ways My Protagonist & I Are NOT Alike

This time, I'll share things that I don't have in common with the protagonist of SHADOW POINT, Ms. Madison McPeake:

1) She's a smoker, I'm not and never have been.
2) She's a drinker - I used to be until I started counting up all those calories!
3) She's a curser. (all right, damnit, that one's actually true of me, too)
Revised #3) She's 28. I... am not 28.
4) She's not crazy about dogs. I love dogs!
5) She grew up in San Francisco. I grew up in San Diego.

(I would say she's imaginary and I'm not, but (a) I've already got five things and (b) she might read this and I don't want to tick her off, you know what I mean?)

They say you should write what you know and, well, I know me. So I guess it's no surprise that Madison and I are a lot alike. I hope you will love her as much as I do! Despite her flaws, bad habits and smart mouth, she's really a good person. If I ever have to battle an evil phantom, I know I'd want her on my side!


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